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The Alaskan Bay Owners Association Newsletter – Spring Edition March 2009

President’s Message

Dr. Michael Hanifen – President ABOA

It is with great pleasure as the new incoming President that I welcome all the new and existing homeowners. I must extend my sincere gratitude to the out going members of our board, having served as the Vice President for the past year with Chris Breest, Jim LaBau, Kathleen Geller and Dave Keller. Thank you for your many years of contribution. My wife, son and I moved to Bayshore West 4 yrs ago and couldn’t be happier with our choice of neighborhoods. As a planned unit subdivision we have our bylaws, covenants, conditions, restrictions, and house rules to thank for such a pristine and sought after neighborhood.

With our Road Improvement Project near 90% completion we have some new items that are coming up with regard to the finishing of the 100th Ave project and some proposed changes to the Mears traffic and school grounds. The Mears Middle School project will be the primary concern of the incoming board. The Anchorage School District wants to remove the green belt between the school parking lot and the homeowners along Eshamy Bay Drive as well as the greenbelt between Mears and our Southport neighbors. Our homeowners on Eshamy have already started to fight hard to maintain our buffer. The school bond coming up for a vote has this $3 million project included. The economic issues Anchorage faces make this project and many others like it unwanted and unnecessary. Please take the time to attend any meetings, get involved as well as be informed about this project and what impact it could have on home values throughout our neighborhood.

Our rise in association dues came as a shock to some, however as the past Vice President I assure you the board looked at every avenue available to ensure we continue to operate our association in the black and the neighborhood is able to maintain its appearance and run smoothly. That being said, we have an amazing property manager (Deanne Tuckerman) that continues to work hard for our association and enforce our (CC& R’s) as well as write the minutes and keep the webmaster up to date on the happenings in each of our meetings. Remember these meetings are open to all homeowners.

Thank you to all the homeowners that make this such a fun and inviting place to live and raise our families.

Dr. Michael Hanifen

Annual Picnic

The Annual ABOA Picnic is still in the planning process, no date has been set. We would welcome any volunteers to help plan this annual event. Things that have been included in the past included activities and games for children and adults; rock painting, puzzles, Frisbee, sidewalk chalk drawing, putt and chip golf, etc. The ABOA will provide hamburgers, vegeburgers, hot dogs, beverages, paper products and utensils. The rest is pot luck. If your last name starts with:

A thru I - Bring chips & dip

J thru Q - Bring dessert

R thru Z – Bring salad or side dish

Volunteers are needed to help put up signs, shop, flip burgers, set up and take down, haul trash, loan a cooler, etc. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Spring Cleanup Dumpsters

We would like to acknowledge and thank all homeowners on the upkeep and maintenance of their homes and neighborhood during the past year. Springtime brings with it a lot of home maintenance, especially in Alaska. Please take the time to remove winter lights, pick up winter’s trash, repair fences, and inspect your homes paint and roof. Dumpsters will be installed during the month of May, at Whale Bay & Hogan Bay, to help facilitate neighborhood cleanup. Your neighbors thank you.

Capital Improvements

Each year new capital improvement projects for our neighborhood get addressed. Most of these projects come at the request of homeowners. This summer’s list of projects include:

If you have any additional projects you would like evaluated, please contact the ABOA board though the ABOA web page: http://www.aboa.org

Grounds Maintenance

Last year we performed maintenance on the fence along W. 100th Ave., which should allow for about five more years of life for the fence. This is our only long-term requirement and our board is maintaining a reserve account large enough to replace the fence if it should be severely damaged.

Road Improvement Project

All of the roadwork was completed, as well as all of the driveways for the individuals who requested their driveways be done. The landscaping will be done this spring, as was stated in the contract. Please Note: The new road was graded at a different level than the old road, so where there once was a gradual slope there is now a drop-off. Homeowners are going to have watch carefully when the Muni’s contractor installs the landscaping to be sure that the ground is contoured gradually to avoid having a sharp drop-off on their property.

Vehicular Notes

Officers & Board Members

(e)indicates elected Board Member


(e) Dr. Michael Hanifen
10001 Eshamy Bay Dr.

Vice President

(e) Guy Mapstone
10131 Eshamy Bay Dr.


(e) Marina Jarvis
10041 Eshamy Bay Dr.


(e) Lisa Rogers
2910 Rocky Bay Cir.

Mears Jr. High Chair

(e) Jeanne Phillips
10051 Eshamy Bay Dr.

Grounds Chair


Board Member


Board Member


Property Manager

Ben Marsh & Assoc.

Deanne Tuckerman


ABOA Links & Contacts

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Web Page: http://www.aboa.org