Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Minutes Of 28 November 2016


Randy Bañez (President/Board), Mark Smith (Vice President/Board) Mike Bridges (Treasurer/Board/ACC Chairman), Stan Mayra (Board), and homeowner Dan Vest were present. Kay Waitman (Secretary/Board Member) and David Riley (Association Accountant) were absent.

Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates Inc.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:38PM.


Quorum was established with 4 out of 5 Board members present.

Approval of Minutes:

Mark Smith moved that Dan Vest be allowed to talk before we hold the meeting that way he can leave whenever he chooses to leave. Mike Bridges seconded motion. Motion carried

Dan Vest reported his truck was broken into around the 17thof November. The vehicle was not locked at the time of the incident. He now has an alarm system which he says will go off if someone walks up to his vehicle. Mike Bridges added to this story stating that there was a group of people who stole two unlocked vehicles that keys in them on the upper hillside. They made a path down the area all the way to Jewell Lake area. They would go to all the cars left out, if they were unlocked they would get the garage door opener and go on into the house. Two homeowners surprised the individuals and caused them to leave the scene. Some of this was on cameras set up by homeowners.

Randy Bañez moved that Dan Vest join the board as a board member. Mike Bridges seconded the motion. Motion Carried. Dan Vest Knows he must run for this own position on the board in February at the Annual Meeting.

The minutes of the 24 October 2016 Board Meeting were reviewed. Stan Mayra moved to approve the minutes with minor corrections. Mike Bridges seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Report:

Mike Bridges presented the Financials in the absence of David Riley.

Mike Bridges stated we are moving along just fine financially and will be very close to budget come the end of the year.

Mark Smith moved to approve the financial report. Randy Bañezseconded the motion. Motion carried.

Grounds Report:

Mike Bridges reported everything was going along fine. Holiday lighting is looking good so far.

Mike Bridges asked we let the new owner of 3005 Bettles Bay know the trash can has to be in the garage or behind the fence. It cannot be seen from the street.

3011 Bettles Bay should be getting letters for junk and trash cans in front of their house. It has been noticed by several board members that there are always discrepancies with this unit as compared to the house rules.

Architectural Committee Report (ACC):

Dan Vest reported the fence between his unit 10220 Jackpot Bay and 2125 Admiralty Bay is leaning and needs repair. Dan asked what can be done. Deanne told Dan to email her a photo of the fence and management will send them a letter stating the fence needs fixing and get a timeline for when in the spring it will be done.

Randy Bañezmoved to approve the Grounds and the Architectural Committee Reports. Stan Mayra seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Manager’s Report:

Deanne was asked if the newsletters went out ok with the new house rules? The answer is yes, however, there was a question as to why the return address was Ben Marsh & Associates Inc. with that address rather than the Alaska Bay Owners Association and the PO Box address. There is worry that it will just be looked at as junk mail.

Mark Smith also asked if we could let the board know weekly all actions taken regarding violations. If it is just noticed say that if we sent a letter say that etc. He would also like all pictures be sent also.

Mark Smith moved to approve the Managers Reports. Mike Bridges seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Welcoming Committee:


Old Business:

Mark Smith would like Facebook updated a bit more often. He said he would take on that task. He will contact Yannick Hodgin and see what the password etc. is and try to help out there.

Stan and Anna Mayra will not be working with Chris Robertson on the web page. After spending an afternoon with Chris Robertson and learning how to navigate the page everything is in order and Chris is keeping it updated timely.

New Business:

Deanne handed out the packages that will be taken to the printers on 5 January 2017. A few minor changes were made and the package is ready to go to the printers.

Brandon Bañez will be able to do the mowing contract for one more year. During this time, he will hire help. Hopefully this person will be able to take over the contract when Brandon leaves.


Hearing no further business Mike Bridges motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Stan Mayra seconded the motion. Motion Carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Next meeting will be 19 December 2016 at Randy Bañez’s home at 10130 Eshamy Bay.