Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Minutes of 16 May 2016


Randy Bañez (President/Board), Mark Smith (Vice President/Board) Mike Bridges (Treasurer/Board/ACC Chairman), Stan Mayra (Board), and David Riley (Association Accountant) were present. Kay Waitman (Secretary/Board Member) was absent.

Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates Inc.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:37PM.


Quorum was established with 4 out of 5 Board members present.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 18 April 2016 Board Meeting were reviewed. Three corrections were pointed out. One was it looked as if both Deanne and Candice were present telephonically. In the third paragraph under Financial Report monies was misspelled. Last sentence stated next Annual Meeting which should read Board Meeting. Mike Bridges motioned to approve the minutes with corrections. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Report:

David Riley presented the financial report.

A Board Member questioned if there is some type of rebate that can be given to homeowners who are always paying on time and without extra work. Mike Bridges explained this has been looked into before and it was decided this is a no go. Late fees are paid as penalties.

Randy Bañez motioned that the Financial Report be accepted. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Grounds Report:

Bañez Brothers will mow the week-end of 16 May, weed and feed done for the proper areas.

Volunteers are required for weeding and general tending of the areas around all the signs at Ensign Bay and Admiralty Bay as well as Ensign Bay and Bay Shore. The new flower bed around the sign at Admiralty and Bay Shore will be tended by the owner of the house on that same corner. The Bañez Brothers will help with the vetch vines around all the flower beds at our signs.

Volunteers will be needed a bit later in the summer to help sand the signs at all entry points and paint them. Mike Bridges will be putting a task force together later this summer. Owners should contact Management or the ACC via the website if interested in volunteering.

There is a very large cotton wood in the north east corner of Tract I that is causing problems with homeowners and fences. Mike Bridges will go out for bids to get this problem tree taken down.

Mike Bridges will be going out for bids to replace all the split rail fences.

Deanne was requested to get with Parks and Rec. to find out who is in charge of KFQD Park. The whole Tot Lot needs to be replaced. The equipment is over 20 years old and needs to have lots of care but best if replaced.

The Bañez Brothers will be leaving next summer for the military so the grounds mowing contract will be put out for bid. If there are any teens in the area who are interested please contact us with your name and number so we can get a bid proposal to you. This is not limited to teens, if there is someone who is retired out there who might be interested just let us know through the web site.

Architectural Committee Report (ACC):

Several requests for roofs and paints have come in and Mike Bridges has approved them. Management has sent approval letters for all approvals.

Mark Smith moved to approve the Grounds and the Architectural Committee Reports. Randy Bañez seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Manager’s Report:

Mark Smith has requested management email the board all RV and vehicle letters sent out weekly.

Welcoming Committee:

This year, Kristen Taylor will chair the Welcoming Committee. Kay Waitman is stepping down as co-chair, but will assist with the annual picnic this year. 

Old Business:

House Rules have been tabled till next meeting.

New Business:

Mark Smith almost hit a School Bus on Eshamy Bay, cars were parked on both sides and the bus was swinging wide on the curve around 10100 Eshamy Bay. Word of warning to all homeowners this could be very dangerous. Another homeowner stated the bus normally comes down the hill at about 7:45 AM on school days.


Hearing no further business Mike Bridges motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Stan Mayra seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM.

Next meeting will be 20 June 2016 at Randy Bañez’s house 10130 Eshamy Bay.