Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

10 February 2016


Randy Bañez, Mike Bridges, Devron Hellings, Stanley and Anna Mayra, Lisa Rogers, Adrienne Samuels, James Scherr, Mark Smith, Kay Waitman, Joseph and Rosella Young and David Riley were present. Candice Haywood and Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates, Inc.


Proxies for 20 homeowners were mailed in and 10 Owners were represented in person. The number of owners represented in person or by proxy exceeded the minimum of one-tenth of the membership required by the by-laws.

Call to Order:

The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M.

Proof of Notice:

Proof of notice of the annual meeting was presented by Management. Notices were sent out by mail a month in advance.


The minutes of the 11 February 2015 Annual Meeting were reviewed.

Mike Bridges motioned that the minutes be accepted with all the dates corrected to read correct year. Mark Smithseconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Report:

David Riley presented the Financial Report. David gave an overview of the January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015 P&L statement. David stated actual expenses for 2015 were actually higher than anticipated. The longer summer caused more mowing to be done and several Capital Projects were accomplished this summer. The fence along 100thwas inspected for sturdiness, rotten wood, was power washed and painted, the retaining wall along the path to Mears Middle School from Eshamy Bay was repaired and the path to Mears has new asphalt.


David Riley presented the 2016 Budget. The dues will remain the same for 2016.

A question was raised about the dumpsters. The budget for the dumpsters has been reduced. The fall dumpsters have been canceled and the duration that the dumpsters will be in place in the spring has been reduced.

A question is raised regarding the lawn maintenance contract. Does the board put it out for bid each year? How is the contract handled? It is explained that the contract is currently and was in the past held by kids from the neighborhood. They set up as a business, obtain insurance and submit a proposal. Their rate is significantly lower than any professional contractor locally. This is the last year of the current contract as the kids who currently hold it will be going off to college. If anyone in the neighborhood has teenagers who would like to take on the responsibility they should contact Management and let them know.

Lisa Rogers motioned to accept the Financial Report and Budget. Devron Hellings seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Grounds Report & ACC Report:

Mike Bridges presents the Grounds and Architectural Control Reports. Mike Bridges began by explaining the areas that are part of the Association's common grounds. He further explains the responsibilities of the ACC. It is important that all owners remember to communicate with the ACC prior to beginning any projects that affect the appearance of their property.

Election of Officers:

Mike Bridges opens the floor for volunteers to the Board of Directors. There are three positions to be filled this year. Randy Bañez and Mike Bridges volunteer to serve another term on the Board. Stan Mayra volunteers as well. Mike Bridges motioned to close the nominations and accept the Board as nominated. Devron Hellings seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Old Business:

The Board would like to thank the neighborhood for their excellent support of the little libraries that have been placed around the community.

New Business:

The lights on the signs could use an update. LED light fixtures would be more energy efficient and provide better lighting. Joseph Young and Mike Bridges volunteer to update the light fixtures.

A question is raised regarding the signs. Are they going to be replaced as was discussed last year? The Board did obtain estimates to replace the signs and the cost was considered too high. The signs were inspected and they were found to be structurally sound. They were sanded and painted and still have years left in them.

There is some concern expressed about whether there has been an increase in crime in the neighborhood. There have been some crimes or opportunity where things have been stolen from unlocked vehicles. If suspicious activity is noticed it should be reported to the police immediately. In addition management should be notified so that a notice can be posted on the Association's Facebook page.

There is a home that several of the neighbors present complain is unsightly on the inside and this is clearly visible from the street. It is explained that the Association cannot dictate how the inside of a home in maintained. The only limitation on what can be visible from inside a home is that political signs are not allowed.

There has been an ongoing issue with an ice rink that was built and is in use in the backyard of one of the homeowners. Several of the neighbors of this property are present to express that they are displeased with the Board insisting that this ice rink be removed. The Board explains that the ice rink constitutes a temporary structure which was not authorized in writing prior to its construction. There have also been complaints of noise late into the evening which violates the Association's nuisance regulations. Further last year another Homeowner was asked to remove the ice rink they had built in their backyard. The rules need to be applied equally to all in the neighborhood. The Board has granted permission for the rink to stay for the remainder of the winter but the ice rink is not to be constructed again next year. The homeowner has been made aware of this decision.

Meeting Adjourned:

Devron Hellings motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Lisa Rogers seconded the motion. Hearing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM.