Minutes of 17 August 2015



 Mark Smith (Vice President/Board) Mike Bridges (Treasurer/Board/ACC Chairman), Kay Waitman (Secretary/Board Member), and David Riley (Accountant) were present.  Randy Bañez (President/Board) came in late.

Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates Inc.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM.


Quorum was established with 3 out of 4 Board members present.


Mike Bridges moved to approve the Agenda. Kay Waitman seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:  

The minutes of the 20 July 2015 meeting were reviewed.  Mike Bridges moved to approve the minutes.  Kay Waitman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:

David Riley reported the retaining wall and the fence repair have been paid off and all the paperwork has all been received.

David Riley presented the financial reports for July 2015.  Two homeowners have not paid their dues yet and have been sent to the attorney.  Deanne was requested to call the attorney and find out the status of the two people who are delinquent home owners.

Deanne or Candice was requested to call Hope Cottages about the fine for parking on the grass and the trash can always left out not hidden behind the fence or in the garage.

David Riley reported the Owner at 3006 Bettles Bay took the opportunity to pay the Board action to cut their fine, which has gone unpaid for two years, in half to the amount of $50.00 if they paid within two weeks from the receipt of the letter offering to reduce the fine.


Mike Bridges motioned the fall dumpsters be dropped from the budget unless there is a large wind storm or another reason to pay for dumpsters.  Kay Waitman seconded the move.  Motion carried.

Mike Bridges request about $2,500.00 be added to replace the split rail going into KFQD Park and Tract I paths.  The asphalt at the path off Eshamy Bay heading to Mears needs a hole repaired which Mike feels will not cost more than $2,000.00.

Mike Bridges motioned the dues should not be increased this year.  Randy Banez seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Mike Bridges moved to approve the Financial Report.  Kay Waitman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Grounds Report:

Mike Bridges presented the grounds report.  Kay Waitman and Mike Bridges finished the planting around the sign at Admiralty Bay and Bayshore, the final cost was $622.00.  Mike and Randy Banez will cut a couple of branches at the sign which will help show off the plantings.  They also cut some branches at 100th and Bayshore to help show the lighting and sign there.

Architectural Committee Report (ACC):

Mike Bridges reported a couple more roofs have been approved.  There has been a deck approved.  Mike Bridges is able to approve any request turned in from the web site within a couple of days.  Mike emails the requester the approval but also tells them the management company will also send them a formal letter of approval.

Manager’s Report:

We have had nothing substantial showing up lately.  Trash cans are still our biggest offenders.

An owner on 10050 Eshamy Bay called and said they returned to town for the kids to go to school and had a letter from us stating her bushes needed to be trimmed.  She stated she cut them back but not sure if they meet by the standers and what the standards were so she could stay compliant.

The owner of 3001 Bettles Bay fixed his fence a couple of months ago and has not stained it.  They need a letter with a deadline for staining the fence.

Randy Banez moved to approve the Grounds, Architectural Committee and Management reports.  Kay Waitman seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Welcoming Committee:

David Riley has sent the Welcoming Committee a couple of units which has sold but the Welcoming Committee has said they would wait till there are three gifts to distribute before making deliveries.  David stated there were a couple more homes that should close in the near future.

Old Business:

House Rules were tabled.

New Business:


Hearing no more business the meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

Next meeting will be 21 September 2015 at Randy Banez’ home 10130 Eshamy Bay.