Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Minutes of 20 April 2015


Mark Smith (Vice President/Board) Mike Bridges (Treasurer/Board/ACC Chairman), Kay Waitman (Board Member), and David Riley (Accountant). Yannick Hodgin (Secretary/Board) and Randy Bañez (President/Board) were absent.

Deanne and Candice Haywood (present telephonically) represented Ben Marsh & Associates Inc.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM.


Quorum was established with 3 out of 5 Board members present.


Mike Bridges moved to approve the Agenda. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 16 March 2015 meeting were reviewed. . Mike Bridges moved to approve the minutes. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Report:

David Riley presented the financial reports for March 2015. Two homeowners have not paid their dues yet. Mike Bridges asked David to write a certified letter to the homeowner who has the vehicle violation that has been on the books since 2013.allowing them a chance to pay or we will turn them over to the attorney and the homeowner would also have to pay the attorney to collect from them.

Kay Waitman moved to approve the Financial Report. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Grounds Report:

The Bañez Brothers are looking for a new riding mower. The mower Chris Breest gave when the Bañez Brothers got the contract has quit running. As soon as they get the new mower they will start mowing for the season.

The wind blew down some of the fence boards along 100th, Mike was going to go fix them but a homeowner fixed the fence before Mike could get there.

Mike has three bids to power wash and stain the fence along 100th. He will look at them and make a decision and let the bid within the next week.

Mike will walk around and check the split rail fences. We have a few rails from where a homeowner put up a fence and the split rail fence was removed and the rails stored so they can replace rails if needed.

Architectural Committee Report (ACC):

Mike Bridges reported he approved a roof on Jackpot Bay.

Mark Smith moved to approve the Grounds and Architectural Committee reports. Kay Waitman seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Manager’s Report:

Deanne reported her office got an email with a photo of a worker in one of the houses on Whale Bay is parking on the grass. Mike Bridges asked Deanne to write the owners of the house a nice letter asking them to inform their workers about our house rules and not parking on the grass.

Welcoming Committee:

Gifts were delivered to five new Owners.

Kay Waitman asked about the picnics. Kay Waitman and Kristen Taylor would like to host an association picnic probably the last weekend in May. Kay will keep us informed.

Old Business:

House Rules: Tabled

New Business:

There are 3 bollards broken at the entrance to KFQD Park. This could cause an accident for someone who did not see the trip hazard. This is not the association problem. The Muni is responsible for all the repair of these. There is also a broken bollard on the path to Mears school, again the association is not responsible for this but the school district is.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be the 18 May 2015 6:30 PM at 3041 Admiralty Bay Drive.


Hearing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.