Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

11 February 2015


Randy Bañez, Mike Bridges, Grace DeLa Pena, Yannick Hodgin, George Ives, Ginger Scoggin, Kristen Taylor, Kay Waitman, Patricia Walker, Amy Walton and David Riley were present. Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates, Inc.


Proxies for 23 homeowners were mailed in and 10 Owners were represented in person. The number of owners represented in person or by proxy exceeded the minimum of one-tenth of the membership required by the by-laws.

Call to Order:

The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

Proof of Notice:

Proof of notice of the annual meeting was presented by Management. Notices were sent out by mail a month in advance.


The minutes of the 12 February 2014 Annual Meeting were reviewed.

Mike Bridges motioned that the minutes be accepted. Randy Bañez seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Presidents Report:

Yannick Hodgin reported the dues were lowered this year by $40.00. Yannick emphasized this is not a guarantee that the dues will not have to go up next year or that there will be another decrease next year.

Yannick reported that we are now placing the dumpsters in Whale Bay and Hogan Bay twice a year and the feedback has been very positive about this remaining for spring and fall clean up.

Yannick stated there is money in the budget for a Block Party if someone would like to volunteer to head up the Block Party Committee.

Financial Report:

David Riley presented the Financial Report. David gave an overview of the January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014 P&L statement.


David reported we only spent 86.27% of the funds allocated for expenses this year. This is what led to the reduction of dues this year.

David presented the budget for 2015.

Mike Bridges moved to approve the financial report and budget. Randy Bañez seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Manager Report:

Management requests that Owners please provide a means for response when they make complaints.

Reports have been received regarding vehicles parked on the street. Management cannot take any action on vehicles parked on the street. The street is Muni property and vehicles can be removed by the Muni however Owners who live in ABOA have to call them in Management does not have the legal authority to do so.

Deanne stated there is a small eyebrow on Bettles Bay, northeast side of Bettles Bay where several cars will park in this small area which in the winter time with snow banks etc she is worried about getting an emergency vehicle to some of the houses. Mike requested Deanne send a very nice letter to the 5 or so houses along that eyebrow and ask they to consider emergency vehicles needing to get to houses before parking.

Deanne stated the drive through were looking very good the trash cans left is plain site is still the biggest violation she has seen.

Grounds Report:

Mike Bridges reported there will be a tree patrol between some volunteers and the Bañez brothers to walk the grounds and remove any windblown branched, and cut any branches that look like they could cause problems.

Mowing had been done when weather and grounds permit. The Bañez brothers have done a wonderful job.

We have had some vandalism in the form of Round Up placed to say some bad things as well as cars broken into.

Satellite dishes cannot be stopped however, the CC&R’s state nothing can stick up past the roof line more than 5 feet.

Architectural Report:

Mike reported more repairs were done this summer than any time in the past that he can remember. He has approved fences, roofs, paint and decks. He tries to answer all requests the day he gets them and knows most of the brands on the market and what will work for our neighborhood.

We will be giving the entry signs a face lift this summer. They are around 30 years old and need to be replaced as the wood is rotting.

The Board would like to remind all Owners that any structural, landscaping or appearance changes need prior consent from the ACC. If a person goes to the web page and clicks on ACC Chairman and puts their request in writing an email is sent straight to Mike and he answers usually the same day.

Ginger Scoggin moved to approve the Grounds and ACC Reports. George Ives seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Welcoming Committee:

The welcoming committee was very active till the Chair person got sent to England and it just fell through after that. Yannick asked if there was anyone who would like to be on the welcoming committee. This is just picking up a load of bread and a gift certificate to Lowes, taking it to the new owners once the closing has takes place. The receipts are than given to David for reimbursement. Kristen Taylor and Kay Waitman stepped up and said they would love to be the Welcoming Committee. Yannick will pass a list of houses to Christen and Kay so that they can send welcoming baskets.

Election of Officers:

Ginger Scoggin does not wish to be on the board any longer due to her work commitments. Everyone else on the board that is up for reelection is willing to remain on the board another term.

Old Business:

Speed Bumps- A new homeowner asked about the issue of speed bumps and Yannick explained that because of the way our neighborhood is laid out there is always a driveway or curve that prevents the speed bumps from being put in. Mike Bridges gave a history of the amount of time over the years and through various owners wanting speed bumps but the municipality has so many requirements that we just do not qualify for the speed bumps.

David Riley brought up the fact that a homeowner was upset about the cost of placing the dues on a credit card. It was explained to everyone that the association nor the management company has any control over the percentage that is charged. Homeowners had requested a way to pay the dues by credit card so Candice from the management company went out and found a company who would collect their percent of the charges and send full dues amount to the association without costing the association around $1,000.00 per year. If you do not like the charge you can bail out of the on line payment and mail a check. We are only offering an option in the way you pay your dues.

New Business:

Yannick asked about the little houses on posts that have books in it and what would it take to get some in our neighborhood. This is the “Libraries on Posts” which essentially any organization or homeowner can place around their area or home and have a book trade center. Mike Bridges stated his Rotary Club is making several of the Libraries. The bottom shelf is for children’s and the top shelf if for adults. The Libraries are a book exchange you take one of your books and exchange for a new book. Books are donated by people in the area. Yannick stated she would look more into this and get back with the board.

Meeting Adjourned:

Yannick Hodgin moved to adjourn the meeting. Mike Bridges seconded the motion. Hearing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:29 PM.