Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

12 February 2014

Attendees: Randy Bañez, Yannick Hodgin, Ginger Scoggin, Mark and Vickie Smith, Darcy Holt, William Ratcliff, Lisa Rogers, James Sherr, Istvan Toth, and David Riley were present. Deanne Tuckerman and Candice Haywood represented Ben Marsh & Associates, Inc.

Quorum: Proxies for 20 homeowners were mailed in and 9 Owners were represented in person. The number of owners represented in person or by proxy exceeded the minimum of one-tenth of the membership required by the by-laws.

Call to Order:

The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M.

Proof of Notice: Proof of notice of the annual meeting was presented by Management. Notices were sent out by mail a month in advance.

Board of Directors Roll Call: Introductions of the Board of Directors were made by the President Randy Bañez.


The minutes of the 13 February 2013 Annual Meeting were reviewed.

Mark Smith motioned that the minutes be accepted. Lisa Rogers seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Report:

David Riley presented the Financial Report. David gave an overview of the January 1, 2013-December 31, 2013 P&L statement.

A question is by a homeowner regarding what is involved in common grounds maintenance. Lisa Rogers, Grounds Chairman explained all the areas that are covered by the landscaping company. Lisa also invited the homeowner to join her on the Grounds Committee as she is the only person on the Grounds Committee.

Lisa Rogers moved to approve the financial report. Ginger Scoggin seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Presidents Report:

Randy Bañez reported that there are three positions open this year on the board up for reelection. They are Randy Bañez, Yannick Hodgin, and Ginger Scoggin. There are two other positions that do not expire till next year and they are Mike Bridges and Mark Smith.

Overall there were no major problems over the past year.

Board meetings are now being held in the neighborhood in the homes of Board members on the third Monday of each month. All Owners are invited to attend.

A Board member volunteered to create and maintain a Facebook page to provide general information. Owners should not use the Facebook page to communicate with Management or the Board the ABOA website should be used.

Manager Report:

Management requests that Owners please provide a means for response when they make complaints. This past winter there were several complaints about vehicles parked on the street causing problems for the city plows. The street is Muni property and can be removed by the removed by the Muni, however Owners have to call the Muni as Management does not have the legal authority to do so.

The most common violation on the drive through is the trash cans. Since Alaska Waste went to the larger cans owners have been leaving them in sight of the street.

One of the Board members volunteered to create and maintain a Facebook page to provide general information. Owners should not use the Facebook page to communicate with Management or the Board. Communicate with the board and manager through the website,

An Owner asked why so much is paid to the property manager and what the manager does to earn the money. The Board members explained that Management enforces the House Rules, Covenants, Codes and Restrictions, and the By-Laws for Alaskan Bay Owners Association. Management does weekly drive through as and if someone is not living by the rules Managements sends letters. Management also attends all the board meetings, records the minutes and then sends them to the web master for attaching to the webpage.

Grounds Report:

Lisa Rogers presented the Grounds Report.

The Bañez Brothers still have the contract for mowing all the common areas. In 2012 trees were removed from Tract I. The removed trees were damaged or rotten. There was a homeowner who was very upset by their removal so the Board decided a replacement tree should be purchased. After extensive Lisa purchased a native birch tree and had it planted in Tract I.

Owners are encouraged to report any issues they notice to the Grounds Committee via the website.

Architectural Report:

Mile Bridges is the chairman of the Architectural Control Committee.

The Board would like to remind all Owners that any structural, landscaping or appearance changes need prior consent from the ACC. ACC Chair and Committee can be contacted via the website.

Vehicle Control:

This past year saw few problems with vehicles. There have been many complaints on vehicles that are parked on the street. Management cannot do anything about this problem. However, homeowners can call the non emergency police department number and turn in the vehicles and when a patrol man is on patrol he will come by and ticket the vehicle when it is appropriate.

One of the homeowners asked the question as to where we are at with the speed bumps? One of Board members who is also on the Speed Bump Committee reported the process is complicated and involves a great deal of community involvement. In the meantime the Board purchased several slow down signs that are placed on the sidewalks in the summer to try to keep the kids safe. Everyone should be mindful to watch their speed and report speeding vehicles to the police. He placement of the speed bumps is problematic since they cannot be in front of driveways or curves.

Election of Officers:

All Board members up for reelection volunteer to serve another term on the Board. There were no new volunteers so the board members will remain the same.

Old Business:

The only old business was the discussion of speed bumps which was discussed in Vehicle Control.

New Business:

One of homeowners asked how many homes were sold last year. The answer was nine given by the accountant.

Meeting Adjourned:

Lisa Rogers moved to adjourn the meeting. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Hearing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.