Alaskan Bay Owners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

09 February 2012

Attendees: Randy Bañez (President, Board), David Riley (Accountant), Mark Smith (Member at Large, Board), Jeanne Phillips (Secretary/ACC Board) and Cheryl Stewart (Treasurer, Board). Deanne Tuckerman represented Ben Marsh & Associates, Inc.

Quorum: Proxies for 31 homeowners were mailed in and 10 Owners were represented in person. The number of owners represented in person or by proxy exceeded the minimum of one-tenth of the membership required by the by-laws.

Introductions were made around the room.

The Annual meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.

Proof of notice of the annual meeting was presented.


The minutes of the 9 February 2011 Annual Meeting were reviewed. Mike Bridges motioned that the minutes be accepted. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Cheryl Stewart presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Balance Sheet as of 31 December 2011 and the Profit & Loss Statement for 1 January- 31 December 2011 were reviewed along with the prepared 2011 budget (See attached Financial Report).

There are 9 Homeowners who have not yet paid their dues. They are being charged late fees and sent monthly statements until the dues are paid. One Homeowner is currently with the attorney for unpaid dues for the past 2 years.

Question is raised about the Welcoming Committee. Why is it no longer done? It is explained that there was no longer anyone who has volunteered to run it but if there is interest in resuming it that can be done.

Mike Bridges motioned that the financial report be accepted. Jeanne Phillips seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Legal Actions & Delinquent Dues

David Riley presents an outline of the legal actions pursued by the Association to collect delinquent dues. The Association spent $3,280.00 on attorney fees in 2011; $1,150.00 has been reimbursed to the Association.

Association Accomplishments in 2011

There were no major projects or outstanding problems during 2011.

One Homeowner comments that properties within the Association are maintaining their value.

A Homeowner expresses concern that when she received a letter regarding a violation she had difficulty knowing who to contact. Would it be possible to make the website clearer on who should be contacted regarding various issues?

Manager Report

Things have been going well. The number of letters needing to be sent out for violations has decreased greatly. Deanne reminds everyone present that the new trash cans while larger still need to be stored out of sight from the road. A grace period was give to allow everyone to make time for storing the larger cans but letters have begun going out on this issue.

Grounds Report

Lisa Rogers was not able to attend but submitted a very detailed Grounds Report which is included in the packet.

A new mowing contract has been signed and it looks like it will be less expensive the previous contract.

There was some damage to the 100th Ave. fence that needs to be repaired. A bid has been received from The Fence Man to repair the damage for $3000.00.

Jeanne Phillips motioned to accept the Grounds Report. Cheryl Stewart seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Architectural Report

Jeanne Phillips presents the ACC report. There were many of the usual requests for sheds, tree removal, and shingles most of which were approved.

Cheryl Stewart motioned that the Architectural Report be accepted. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Election of Officers

The following people volunteered as Board Members:

Randy Bañez and Jeanne Phillips’ positions are up this year. Jeanne Phillips is not available to run for another term. Randy Bañez will stay on for another year if needed. There are 3 positions open on the Board, 2 two year terms and 1 for a one year term.

A discussion was had on what is involved in being on the Board. It is explained that there is one meeting a month that is about an hour long which is held at a location and time that is agreed upon by the Board.

Mike Bridges motioned to close the nominations and elect all nominees to the Board. Mark Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried. Board members are as follows: Randy Bañez, Cheryl Stewart, Mark Smith, Yannick Hodgin, and Ginger Scoggin.

Old Business

There is no Old Business.

New Business

There has been concern expressed about speeding within the Association and there has been interest in having speed bumps installed. A newsletter was sent out explaining the steps that need to be taken to have the speed bumps put in. A committee needs to be formed now that there appears to be enough support. The matter will be tabled until the Board has their first official meeting.

An interest is stated in bringing the Welcoming Committee back. There are volunteers for the Committee can be started back up.

The question is raised about why the Block Party no longer happens. It is explained that very few people showed up when the party was held before and there were a lack of volunteers to organize it. At the first Board meeting adding the Block Party and the Welcoming Committee back into the budget can be discussed.

Meeting Adjourned

Mike Bridges motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cheryl Stewart seconded the motion. Hearing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.