Amendment to House Rules

July 25, 2017

The Board of Directors has decided to enforce the following fine schedule, effective immediately.

In addition to provisions of the declaration and bylaws, all House Rules will be enforced with minimumfines of $25.00 per occurrence. At the discretion of the association manager or board of directors, minor “first offenses” may result in a warning before imposition of fines. Violations which are deemed to be “serious” may warrant larger fines, up to any amount deemed “reasonable” for purposes of Alaska Statute 34.08.320(a)(11). Ongoing, recurring or intentional violations will result in progressively severe fines which will be levied at the discretion of the board.

In addition to fines which may be levied, the board may institute legal proceedings or correct violations (i.e. repairs, restoration, vehicle towing, etc.), charging all associated costs back to the offending owner as additional assessments. If the association must retain legal counsel to enforce House Rules, Declaration or Bylaw provisions, legal costs may be assessed against the owner as additional fines.

 Notice of Hearing shall be provided in accordance with the declaration prior to fines being levied, and no fine shall become final until the hearing occurs (or the deadline to request a hearing passes) and Notice of Decision is provided in the same manner as Notice of Hearing. Fines will be levied to ensure compliance with association rules and regulations, rather than to raise revenue.

Request of Hearing:

In the event that an owner wishes to dispute a fine levied against their property, they may within 14 days request in writing a hearing on the matter. Such hearings may be held by the association manager or board of directors.